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About coaching:
Have you lost your passion for life? Has stress been beating you down? As we all know, professional athletes, business managers, CEOs, and world political leaders use coaches because they pinpoint the limitations that are holding them back from achieving the success that they seek.
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 About the book:
In his courageous journey entitled Eaten by the Tiger, Dr. Allen describes his agonizing battle between triumph and fear. This true-life story vividly describes his near-death experience, the trying years of struggle and pain that followed, and his perseverance to overcome successfully.
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About keynote:
Dr. Allen will ignite your audience with his dynamic, true-life stories and eye-opening insights. Dr.Emile offers a clear approach on how to identify and embrace ‘the tiger’ within all of us. Through his guidance, you will come to realize the many gifts life’s challenges have to offer.
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 Rave reviews:
After reading Eaten By The Tiger, you’ll be empowered to claw your way out of any life crisis. Experts who reviewed this amazing book have described Dr. Allen’s unremitting spirit as a true testament to fortitude and tenacity, providing hope and impactful life lessons to readers everywhere.
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  • Ira Guevara, Editora El Paracaidista

    “The weaved stories in the book explore in a realistic and refreshing way how difficult is to let go of the old and face the new, and become the new beings life challenges us to embody when presenting as with adversity. In Eaten By The Tiger, Dr. Emile Allen shows how the strongest struggles can become the fire that consumes the false in our lives, and let the true remain and flourish. Vivid and encouraging!”

  • Ninon de Vere De Rosa, President of Ninon Speaks

    What an amazing book. It is rare to have a doctor get back in touch with his sensitive side and find that there is more to life than work and status. The spirit and bravery of Dr. Allen are astonishing. Eaten By The Tiger fuels the minds of the reader to reflect on their own life, have gratitude, and let go of disempowering beliefs.”

  • Elaine Fantle Shimberg – author of 24 books

    “It’s often said that you need to walk in someone’s shoes to understand their experience. This certainly is true in the book EATEN BY THE TIGER by Dr. Emile Allen where he shares his life-changing experience of being a successful surgeon until a malfunctioning electrical scalpel sent an electrical surge through his finger, arm, heart, and brain, exiting through his ankle. In an actual flash, his life was forever changed.
    Dr. Allen’s vivid description draws the reader into the operating room and through the painstakingly slow motion of the direction of his life. His honesty about his travels through demoralizing depression and despair offers hope to others who may struggle with their own life challenges.
    EATEN BY THE TIGER is a fascinating read for those who have an interest in things medical as well as for those who enjoy a good mystery, one that beautifully describes one man’s search for his identity.”

    Elaine Fantle Shimberg is the author of 24 books, including BLENDING FAMILIES (Berkeley Books) and GROWING UP JEWISH IN SMALL TOWN AMERICA (Abernathy House Publishing).

  • Patricia Turnier, Editress-in-Chief of Mega Diversities WebMag

    “I always have been fascinated by philanthropists who thrive and triumph over their hurdles, whatever they are. The positive mindset and the mighty soul of Emile Allen, M.D. are definitely the most appealing essence of the book. In addition, future readers will learn that benevolence is always possible no matter the circumstances. Hence, the main message delineated in Eating By The Tiger is to stay positive no matter what.

    The book is also about letting go of our life wounds to remember the importance of gratitude. Successful people cannot have a negative mindset if they wish to make it in this world. The resilience and heroism of Dr. Allen are astonishing. The readers will find in his book many valuable life-lessons endowed with wisdom that can help them flourish. The inspiring story of Dr. Allen has the capacity to heal people by planting empowering seeds in the minds of readers from all walks of life.”

  • Kathleen Foster of Foster Folly News

    “Thank you so much for the opportunity to preview Dr. Allen’s book. The message is outstanding and written in such a manner that it is understandable to a lay person. ‘Eaten By The Tiger gives the reader hope on which they can build.”

  • Alma H. Bond, Ph.D, “Author of Jackie O: On the Couch”

    Eaten By The Tiger” by Emile Allen, is a very unusual book. It tells a doctor’s story of his catastrophic injury from both “sides of the couch,” as a doctor and a patient. Dr. Allen writes clearly and frankly, and does not hold back on his most intimate emotions. He describes the terrible accident, his virtual collapse, and the long road back to a better and more meaningful life in a manner that holds the reader’s interest from beginning to end. The book is recommended to everybody who has met horrendous circumstances in life (isn’t that just about everyone?), and would like help in finding his or her road to recovery and a better life.”

  • Patricia Kirby, Managing Editor of Home Care For You

    “I was riveted to Dr. Emile Allen’s book, Eaten by a Tiger. The spirit he exuded through overcoming adversity to finding a new life purpose was not only refreshing, but inspirational. Thank you for this creative and encouraging work.”

  • Dan Simpson, DVM

    “Excellent read. As a practicing veterinarian attempting to heal the animals in my care, I find Allen’s story compelling, inspirational and especially reassuring. His near-death experience and second chance at life will inspire all who face such sudden life-changing crises. He will encourage you to live each day fully, use what you have, forget what you don’t and continue using your gifts to help all those in need.”

  • Susan, Pacific Bell/AT&T, Los Angeles, Ca

    “Eaten By The Tiger is a truly inspirational story of transformation and growth. Easy to read, hard to put down, and the message stays with you continuously reminding you what’s important in life. How Dr. Allen has managed his life changing experience and what he has become will touch all reader’s heart, giving us the opportunity to reflect our own life purpose! Highly Recommended Reading! Dr. Allen, Thank you for sharing your story!”

  • Rick Radar, M.D., Editor in Chief Exceptional Parent Magazine

    What a compelling and inspirational story! Dr. Allen’s courage in sharing his struggles of survival inspires all of us to give life a second chance, no matter what has happened.”

  • Marilyn Edmunds, PhD, NP and Editor in Chief of the Journal of Nurse Practitioners

    Many of us experience tragedy in our lives. A real test of character is how we deal with it. Eaten By The Tiger by Dr. Allen is a very intimate look at how a man with courage and fortitude dealt struggled with devastating change. His story should inspire many others, especially those in healthcare who can relate so closely to the risks and challenges he faced.”

  • Steve Alten, N,Y, Times best-selling author

    “There are some books that move you to tears and some that can help you conquer your fears. In offering us his own story of turmoil and triumphs over life’s challenges, Dr. Emile Allen shows us why God spared his life — so he could write Eaten By The Tiger.”

  • Julie L’Enfant, PhD Art Historian

    “This is a powerful book. Emile has taken devastating personal losses and turned them into unforgettable stories that can inspire us all. There is something valuable for every reader of this fine memoir.”

  • Sherry Skidmore, Ph.D., Professor of Forensic Psychology

    “The stories are magnetic, gripping. They pulled me through the book every step of the way.”

  • Donna Kennedy, English Professor and Professional Editor

    “Wow!  I’m an editor and read books everyday for a living.  I couldn’t put Eaten By The Tiger down. The stories are evocative and made me feel like I was right there talking to Dr. Allen. He is a writer and it’s obvious he found his true passion.”

  • Harry Wilkins, III, M.D, Attending Trauma / Surgical Critical Care Attending, Quincy Medical Group

    “After reading this book, everyone is going to use the phrase Eaten by the Tiger. Emile you nailed it. This book is a grand slam!”

  • Sid Vaidya, Former VP of IBM, Founder/Chairman, The Diamonds of Diversity

    “In clear and simple language, [book] describes the process of letting go of the emotional and physical baggage in your life… poignant stories illustrate how to transform yourself into a better you. This is one of the most meaningful books I have ever read, and I highly recommend it as a must have book for your library.”

  • Jeanette Grace

    “As a professional writer for over 20 years, I found [this] to be captivating and evocative. Vivid descriptions pulled me into…each story and elicited a visceral and emotional response that not many writers can accomplish…found myself laughing, crying and being shocked by your real life stories…not only engaged my imagination but also demonstrated how to live an empowered life. Thank you, Dr. Allen, for sharing your life with us. Your courage is an inspiration to all of us.”

  • Pompey Stafford, Investment Advisor

    “Since I have recently lost my son, I resonated deeply with Dr. Emile’s life stories and insights. My son’s passing has left a chasm in my heart and soul so wide and deep, that words can’t describe…Eaten By The Tiger enhanced my faith and will to move forward but not forget the love and joy my son gave…captivating read with extraordinary stories from his life.”

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